Guido Yannitto

Born in Mendoza, Argentina. January 12th, 1981.



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Biography of Guido Yannito

Born in Mendoza, Argentina. January 12th, 1981. /

He currently lives in Salta and Buenos Aires. In 2012 he accomplished the Sur Polar residency, in Antarctica, with the support of Dirección Nacional Antártida for five weeks and another one in Mexico City, with a collaboration grant between FONCA (National Fund for Culture and Arts), Mexico, and the Ministry of Culture, Argentina.

He graduated in painting from the National University of Cordoba (2005). In 2009 he joined the Artists Programme at Universidad Torcuato Ditella and earned a production scholarship granted by the National Fund for the Arts.

Since 1998 he has exhibited his work individually and collectively in Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, the United States, and Germany.  Some of his individual exhibitions include Acá nomás, at Zavaletalab Gallery, Casi todo (2013??); NiFe (niquel y hierro), at Zavaletalab Gallery, Buenos Aires (2010); Sonido Ambiente, 713 Gallery, Buenos Aires (2008); Juego Triple, Oficina Proyectista, Buenos Aires (2007);  Mientras, espacio alternativo La Ribera, Mexico City (2006); Maleza. Casa 13, Córdoba (2005); Valle. CePIA, UNC, Córdoba, Argentina (2004). In April 2014 an individual exhibition will be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Salta.

His most relevant collective exhibitions include Ser o no Sur, Museo José Luis Cuevas and Península, Galería Metropolitana, UAM, in Mexico (2013); Estoy tan emocionada que podría disparar un arma, Mite Gallery, Buenos Aires (2013); EAC, espacio de arte contemporáneo, in Montevideo, Premio Petrobras, Buenos Aires Photo, at Centro Cultural Recoleta, Premio FIVA, (International Video Art Festival), at Biblioteca Nacional, Premio Itau Cultural, Buenos Aires (2012); Informell natur, Galerie Sabine Knust, Munich; Nullpunktenergie, Infernoesque Project, Berlín (2011); Herméticos Populistas. Museo Contemporáneo de Salta and Biblioteca Popular Alfonsina Storni, Rosario; Proyecto Circular, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires (2010); La hora del león, Centro Cultural España, Buenos Aires; VideoSur Contemporary Videos from Argentina, Brazil & Chile!, MassArt Film Society, Boston; Incorporación de escena salteña al MACRO. MAC Salta (2009); LXII Salón Nacional de Rosario, Museo Castagnino+macro (2008); Curriculum0, Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires (2007).

His work has been published in: Ser o no Sur, CONACULTA and Argentinian Embassy in Mexico, Poéticas Contemporáneas Itinerarios en las artes visuales en la Argentina de los 90 al 2010, Fondo Nacional de las Artes. Vida Plástica Salteña (second edition, revised and expanded), Carmen Martorell and Margarita Lotufo, 2005. Impecable – Implacable. Marcas de la contemporaneidad en el arte de Córdoba, Gabriel Gutnisky 2005 and C/temp Arte Contemporáneo Mendocino, ED Contemporáneo 2008.

In 2013 he received the second Itaú prize for visual arts and the Lucio Fontana award, for a two month residency in Torino, Italy.  In 2010 he was selected for the Petrobrás Award along with the Colectivo Doble Suspensión with the project Acá D.I.o.S. (We give tools or solutions) at arteBA.  In 2005 he received the Universidad 2005 Award due to the average obtained in the Major in Painting at the Escuela de Artes de la Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

His work is part of the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rosario, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in Salta, as well as the Esteban Tedesco collection, Argentina.


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