Project: Copia múltiple

Editor: Belén Moro


Copia múltiple is the first edition developed by moromori, it was fulfilled with the support of Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, CONACULTA, Mexico.

Participating artists come from different origins and they reside or have resided in Mexico City: Cecilia Ramírez-Corzo (Mexican, resides in Japan), Rafael Uriegas (Spanish-Mexican, resides in Mexico), Guido Yannitto (Argentinian, resides in Buenos Aires), Simone Pazzini (Brazilian, resides in Mexico City), Dear – Delphine Passot and Arnaud Zein-el-Din- (French, reside in Mexico City).

The common concept of the works in this edition, is territory as a shifting or moving area. Connection and isolation, conditioned by water, are the central factors of each work. Moving, traveling, migrating or just visiting and focusing in the relationship with the surroundings are the leading actions in the work processes of these artists.


Cecilia Ramirez-Corzo
Edition of porcelain spheres with sound inside


.Rafael Uriegas
Edition of lithographies on paper



Guido Yannitto
Edition of ceramic bottles and water tanks with colloidal silver*
* Colloidal silver removes germs and bacteria from water. The silver bath was realized with the collaboration of Actitec.



Simone Pazzini
Edition of medium temperature ceramic Whistles / Edition on coca-cola bottles with silkscreen / Edition of ceramic whistles



Edition of lasergraphy on copper and etching on paper. 



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