Dear, Simone Pazzini, Cecilia Ramírez-Corzo y Guido Yannitto
Belén Moro, curadora

Galería Metropolitana, Dirección de Artes Visuales y Escénicas, Coordinación General de Difusión, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
Medellín 28, Col. Roma Norte, Del. Cuauhtémoc, Distrito Federal

Del 26 de septiembre al 2 de noviembre de 2013

“Producción realizada con el beneficio derivado del cuadragésimo segundo del Presupuesto de Egresos de la Federación 2012, del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes.”

Colaboradores: Taller de Arte&Diseño en Barro, D.F. – Taller de Experimentación Gráfica, D.F. – Taller Utsuwa haku, Kioto – Taller Copcarte, D.F.



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Text / Press release

Península is the result of a series of distant, but combined actions that occurred in several geographical points, whose epicenter of manifestation is the valley of Mexico.

These work processes come from the views of Dear, a creative couple of French residents in Mexico City formed by Delphine Passot and Arnaus Zein-el-Din; Simone Pazzini, a Brazilian artist with a melancholic and tropical feeling, also seized by this metropolis’ magnetism; Cecilia Ramírez-Corzo, Mexican resident in Japan, country that somehow she comes from; and Guido Yannitto, Argentinian, who is a tireless traveler. Each one of them locates in a peninsula –a piece of land nearly surrounded by water, and is attached to a larger land area– where the bridge connecting them to this point of appearance is also an element which isolates them: water.  These artists’ living experiences develop into genuine reflections towards this substantial and diverse fluid (in its possible states as well as its representation ways).  This vital element of everything we are can be the subject of an infinite number of plastic explorations.  However, artists and works specifically selected for this exhibition slip through the same surface, which may be both cold and humanly sensitive. In this sense, works precisely point out the function and lack of control of water, its overwhelming capability as well as its soothing power.  Energy and vitality of this molecular substance is always related to all of nature’s basic elements.  Thus, in spite of being odorless, insipid and colorless, water acquires aspects, odors, and sensations from the environment in which every work was created, to build a dialogue towards its use, applications, protection, and consumption.

Yannitto’s trips to Antarctica, the adventurous migrations of Dear and Pazzini to Mexico City, and Ramírez-Corzo’s retreat to the Eastern island mark the peninsular axes from which these artists bring their registers and experiences shared just here, in the middle of this valley built over water.

Belén Moro Mori
September 2013, Ciudad de México

Esta exposición es parte del proyecto Copia múltiple, producción realizada con el Beneficio derivado del  articulo cuadragésimo segundo del Presupuesto de Egresos de la Federación 2012.

Todos los proyectos se realizaron de manera colaborativa, con la participación del Taller de Arte&Diseño en Barro, el Taller de Experimentación Gráfica, el Taller Utsuwa haku, el Taller Copcarte, el laboratorio fotográfico Fotrón, el taller de marcos Murguía, el taller de encuadernación Hago libros, el equipo de trabajo de la Dirección de Artes Visuales de la UAM y de la Coordinación Nacional de Artes Plásticas del INBA y con el apoyo incondicional de los de siempre.


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